Mysql database in StarOffice

Instructions how to establish a connection with mysql under StarOffice 6.1 beta

First of all make sure, that you can connect to your mysql database from the shell. Use the mysql command.
Install the mysql jdbc connector (emerge jdbc-mysql should do it)
Set up your java environment with /opt/staroffice6.1/program/jvmsetup
edit the /opt/staroffice6.1/user/config/javarc file and add the path to the jdbc driver (usually /usr/share/jdbc-mysql/lib/mysql-connector-java-3.0.8-stable-bin.jar to the SystemClasspath variable)
Fire up your swriter (or any other staroffice product) and click on Tools->DataSources
Create a new datasource and select MySQL as Database type
Go to the MySQL tab and select “Use Connector/j3
Edit the “Data source URL” field to your needs, enter a user and select “Password required” (make sure the user can access the table you selected in the “Data source URL” field and click on tab “Tables”

Enter your password and you’r done

Have fun!

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