Florian Hackenberger

Florian HackenbergerI m a graduate of the University of Technology in Graz, Austria where I majored in Computer Science. My diploma thesis is titled Balancing Humanoid Robot Gait Using Programmable Pattern Generators and can be downloaded here.  This thesis was written at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science under supervision from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maass.

Right after finishing my studies in October 2007, I founded a software development company with two collegues from University. Leading this company is my current full time occupation. You can visit us at www.acoveo.com

If you are interested in my curriculum vitae just click on the appropriate link on the right. Moreover you can find some travelling blogs (in German) and several Howtos for Linux and Windows operating systems on this page.

One of my current private projects is building an autonomous four rotor helicopter. I will post details and progress reports about it in the Robotics category.

Feel free to browse around!

You can reach me at florian AT hackenberger DOT at